Pipedrive Training from Certified Experts

Ready to get started with Pipedrive? The Prairie Group offers comprehensive Pipedrive CRM training options for your entire staff. Our Pipedrive experts will guide your teams through the sales, sales leadership, sales support, and administrator functions available to them through Pipedrive’s platform. Review the information below for more details on our training offerings.

Our Pipedrive Training Options

Users’ roles determine the type of training they’ll need. We segment our training into categories to fit each of those roles and can customize your training to fit your needs and your plan of Pipedrive. View our training descriptions and pricing, and then schedule your next Pipedrive training session. Rates are per class. Click here to try Pipedrive for FREE

Pipedrive Sales Training

This option focuses specifically on the sales functions of Pipedrive. Learn how to utilize sales management tools such as deals, activities, email templates and funnel management to maximize your experience with Pipedrive. Use your knowledge from this Pipedrive training to shorten the sales cycle and drive customer acquisition.

Pipedrive Support Training

This Pipedrive training is meant for users working in customer and sales support roles. Learn how to use multiple pipelines effectively to manage existing and onboard new customers.  Use your knowledge from this training to track calls, manage emails and contact history to obtain insight to deal stages to easily manage customer requests. This training will position you to maximize customer satisfaction and delight your customers.

Pipedrive Sales Leadership Training 

This Pipedrive training is designed for sales leaders to set individual, team and organizational goals.  With this training you will be able to track progress with real-time metrics on customizable dashboards and easy to read reports.  Learn how to organize your salespeople into teams and gain useful insights into their performance. This training option will position you for better lead generation and stronger ROI through the Pipedrive platform.

Pipedrive Administrator Training

Manage Pipedrive effectively and efficiently. This training will give you an overview of how to use all the administrative tools for making configuration changes to your Pipedrive solution, such as managing users and teams, creating custom data fields, managing and creating pipelines, and creating customized templates.

Pipedrive Training Rates

Sales Training

Sales Leadership Training 

Sales Support Training

Administrator Training 

Per class

Per class

Per class

Per class

$ 199.99 

$ 299.99 

$ 199.99

$ 625.00 per person

Course Length: minimum of 4 hours

Minimum of 2  participants

Maximum of 10 participants at a time

Availability:  instructor led virtual or your office

*Request quote for 1 to 2 students

**Customizable courses are available upon request

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