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The Prairie Group specializes in integration, customization, workflow automation and training

The Prairie Group offers comprehensive project management solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our project management software is designed to streamline the process of tracking and managing customer relationships. We offer a wide range of features, including project planning, task management, contact management, and document management. Our project management software is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface. We also offer a wide range of customization options, so you can tailor our project management software to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our project management solutions and how we can help you streamline your customer relationship management.


CRM Solutions

Pipedrive is a sales management tool created by salespeople for salespeople to help them focus on what really matters to them. Keeping pipelines moving….with Pipedrive you can arrange calls effectively with Scheduler, use Web Forms and Leadbooster to keep hot leads coming in, Contacts Timeline to keep track of outreach efforts, and the Gmail add-on to manage sales without leaving your Gmail inbox and automate workflows with a push of a button.


Lead Generation

PropertyRadar is a Lead generation tool. There are a number of ways to generate leads, from an expo, an open house, mass flyers, word of mouth, advertising and plenty others. But only PropertyRadar can automatically generate leads for you based on your ideal customer profile. With 200+ criteria you can define and build unlimited mailing lists with PropertyRadar’s dynamic lists automatically generate leads and populate your CRM with them for a continuous source of new opportunities and potential deals

Invoicing and E-signatures

PandaDoc is an end-to-end document automation solution. It provides a single platform for building, sending, tracking and accepting documents. Dramatically reduce time spent on any document’s workflow, while empowering your team to send and track polished, interactive documents. Recipients can instantly sign or make a payment with in-document credit card transactions and eSigning.


Phone Solutions

Simplii Surpasses the industry and is a seamlessly integrated VoIP to CRM application. Aircall infrastructure is embedded in the most reliable technology stack, delivering the highest-quality communication through call quality, security and uptime.  Kixie allows your organization to boost connection rate with Local Presence virtual phone number.  

Learning & Development

The Prairie Group provides flexible soft skill training solutions suitable for the diverse learning needs of any organization.  We offer comprehensive solutions to drive learning at the Enterprise level to solutions for the learning needs of small teams and individuals.   We build and deliver dynamic solutions to solve your problems around on-boarding and retention, career, personal and workforce development. Our customized solutions are designed to increase productivity, decrease employee turnover and enhance employee satisfaction.

Need Help To Maximize Your Business?

Reach out to us today and get a complimentary business review and consultation.

Need Help Maximizing Your Business?

Contact us today for a complimentary business review and consultation.